Dog and Cat Health Issues

Can Dogs Drink Tea? (Explained)

Dogs are curious creatures and love to explore their environment. This can sometimes lead them to try new things, like drinking tea. While occasional tea drinking likely won't hurt your dog, it's important to...
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How to Treat Heartworms in Cats? (Symptoms)

There are a lot of discussions nowadays about whether or not cats need heartworm prevention. Some vets believe that the risk of heartworm in cats is low and that preventive drugs are more effective...
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How to Clean Dog Teeth? (11 Easy Steps)

Regarding dog care, one of the most important things is keeping their teeth clean. Neglecting your dog's dental hygiene can lead to several health problems down the road, so it's important to find the...
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How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat? [Wet vs Dry Food]

The most crucial question cat owners ask is how much to feed a cat and what would be more beneficial, such as dry or wet food. The vets usually suggest wet food due to...
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What Is a Heart Murmur in Cats? [5 Causes + Treatment]

As soon as you adopt or purchase a cat, you make a vow to yourself that you will take care of it like a family member. Over time, the cat becomes an essential part...
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What Is Cat Boarding? [How Much Does It Cost]

Leaving your cat at home all alone is not safe at all, either for it or your home. Asking your close friends or neighbors to watch it is useless unless your cat is pretty...
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Why Does My Cat Have Bad Breath? [Causes & Treatment]

As soon as you start to own a cat as a pet, it becomes a part of your family. Over time, you develop an incredible bond full of love and care with your cat....
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Why Is My Cat Peeing Blood – [4 Easy Precautions]

Hematuria means blood in the urine. It's a pretty common condition in cats but is not normal and needs treatment at the earliest time. You may notice blood spots or pink color all of...
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What Do Cat Fleas Look Like to the Human Eye?

Cats are one of the most attractive and intelligent animals to pet. Many people opt for petting cats rather than other animals since they are tiny and easily manageable. However, as a responsible cat...
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Cat Flea Bites on Humans – [5 Symptoms of Cat Flea Bites]

Without any doubt, as a loving and caring cat owner, you always have the will to do as much as you can to provide your pet with an excellent lifestyle. From the day you...
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Why Is My Cat Sneezing So Much? [Causes + treatment]

Without any doubt, you will go for miles when it comes to providing the best lifestyle to your cute little cat. Over time, pets, whether cats or dogs, become an essential part of your...
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6 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Losing Weight – [How to Treat]

Cats are one of the cutest, beautiful and intelligent animals when it comes to pets. So understandably, when you begin to own a cat, you try your best to provide it with an excellent...
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9 Different Types of Lumps on Dogs – (Visit Your Vet)

Nobody can feel the same amount of affection and love towards your dog but for yourself, if you own a dog. We believe you would go miles to ensure that your dog has a...
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11 Sings of Neurological Disorders in Dogs? (Treatment)

Many people prefer dogs and cats when it comes to petting a beautiful and affectionate animal. You may have adopted a dog for a similar reason too. However, you must understand that petting your...
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(4 Common Reasons) – How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

The more you spend time with your pet dog, the soon it becomes a part of your family. Being a careful and loving dog owner, you would never want your dog to suffer when...
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How to Tell if Your Dog Has Fleas? [5 Ways to Cure]

The affection and love you have for your dog keep increasing over time. Understandably, you would never want to see your dog in misery. Therefore, you do your best when it comes to taking...
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