How Much Does It Cost to Neuter a Dog?

how much does it cost to neuter a dog

It has been scientifically proven that dogs as a pet can lower your stress levels and make you feel less lonely. Loyalty runs in the blood of dogs to such an extent that they endanger their lives to save you. Furthermore, they wait and mourn for their late owner. Keeping dogs as a pet is really fun, and it enlightens your mood daily. However, don’t you just hate when the dogs mark their territory by spraying urine all over the house? Or when the dogs keep on reproducing, and you just can’t handle more puppies?

The answer to your problem is to neuter your dog. How much is it to neuter a dog? The cost of neutering a dog costs anywhere between $50 to $590. We can provide you with some beneficial tips to help you find where to neuter a dog at a cost-effective place so you can keep the dog population low. Various aspects are considered for finding the reasonable neutering place, such as geographical location, additional services, etc. However, there are various advantages of neutering a dog even if the cost is high.

Keep on reading to find out about how much to neuter a dog and why it is necessary.

What is neutering?

Neutering is a surgical process where the veterinarian removes the male dog’s or cat’s testicles under general anesthesia. Neutering is also known as castrating or ‘fixing a male’.

In short, neutering is a birth controlling procedure. The best age for neutering a dog is six months. Keep in mind that you will have to be patient as the recovery takes time.

So, ensure to hire someone to look after the dog after the lengthy procedure (neutering takes a few hours), or you can take leave of five to seven days from your work for your dog’s healthy recovery. However, some dogs act regular soon after the anesthesia wears off after the procedure. In addition, dogs gain weight after the neutering procedure, so be careful while planning their diet under the vet’s supervision for prompt recovery without additional health problems.

Some benefits of neutering a dog

The most apparent benefit of neutering a dog is that the dog population decreases as the male dog can’t reproduce anymore. However, there are also other hidden benefits of neutering a dog for their long-term health, that are;

  • Prevention of disease. For example, there is no risk of cancer (anal and testicular cancer) later in life as the testicles have already been removed. The risk of prostate infections also reduces.
  • Due to lowered testosterone levels, you will experience positive behavioral changes in your dog, such as reduced anger towards other animals and being more affectionate and loving towards you, the owner. The reduced aggression means that the dog doesn’t wander on roads aggressively without a reason that lowers the risk of hit-by-car accidents.
  • The dog stops spraying urine to mark the territory around the house.

In addition to the above benefits, the neutered dog can’t impregnate female dogs, which means no more new puppies. No new homeless puppies mean that the poor, vaccinated dogs get a golden chance to get adopted from the shelter homes.

How much is it to neuter a male dog?

As mentioned above, neutering a dog varies from $50 to $590; however, in general, it costs up to $300 for a basic neutering procedure without additional fancy services charges. The neutering price depends on multiple factors such as the dog’s health, the dog’s breed, age of the dog, the area where you live, the veterinarian you choose, and whether you opt for additional services like blood screening tests for liver and kidney function (costs $40), medicines for pain ( costs $15), and IV catheter for your dog.

Keep in mind that the dog’s weight is valuable as additional charges of $25 to$50 are added to the bill if the dog is obese.

Furthermore, the cost of neutering a dog also depends on the clinic you choose. For example, the non-profit, subsidized low costs spay and neuter clinic is reasonable and cheaper than the private, fully equipped animal hospitals. However, neutering a dog is cheaper than spaying your pet at a veterinarian’s office.

Reasons behind higher price of Neuter

Keep in mind that the country you live in also matters as different countries have different prices for neutering a dog. The reason behind such high prices of neutering a dog is that every little thing costs money, such as if the dog is large and heavier, the dog requires more anesthesia, and the surgical procedure lengthens, which adds to the price.

Blood work also adds up to the price as screening tests are done before the neutering and considered a baseline to compare it with the screening blood tests done after the surgery.

In addition, IV catheter and catheter placements by the vet also increase the cost of neutering a dog.

Also, the testis position of some young pups is high, which means that the testis has not descended to the original place, the scrotum. This condition is known as cryptorchid, and in such conditions, the neutering gets complex and costly.

Additional tip: You can contact your local Humane Society or SPCA for help in finding cheap neutering services options. Even if SPCA can’t find a cheap neutering services option feasible for you, it can locate you to the nearest neutering clinics and hospitals or to someone who can find a cost-effective neutering place for you.

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After reading about the benefits of neutering, the cost of neutering, and the reasons behind the neutering of dogs, you can easily choose the perfect and cost-effective place for neutering nearest to your house. After finding the clinic, you are just a call away to set an appointment and get started with your dog’s neutering to lower the population of stray pups and get a more affectionate dog with fewer anger issues. Let us know if the above tips to find a cheap and high-quality neuter clinic worked for you.

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