How Much Does It Cost to Spay a Dog?

how much does it cost to spay a dog

With the benefits of keeping a dog as a pet come some cons, such as increasing the new homeless puppies’ population, and the solution for it is spaying a female dog and neutering a male dog. Therefore, a decision to spay a female dog should be made early in its life so that the pups population decreases and your female dog lives a healthy, long, and happy life with fewer anger issues.

Spaying a female dog can cost a lot, and it depends on various factors such as the area you live in and other dog’s factors. Below we have enlisted the reasons behind spaying a dog to make you realize why it is considered vital to get done with this surgery. We can also help you reduce the cost of spaying by providing you with the tips to find a cost-effective spaying place.

What is Spaying?

The veterinarian removes the female dog’s ovaries and uterus under general anesthesia, and this surgical procedure is known as spaying. Some larger dogs require spaying at the age of 18 to 22 months; however, the optimal age for spaying is six months.

Keep in mind that the spaying takes a few hours, so be patient and don’t worry about any surgical complications. The modern monitoring equipment and anesthesia have lowered the complications of spaying. Also, plan your dog’s diet under the veterinarian supervision, as most dogs tend to gain weight after spaying. In addition, healthy recovery can also take a few days.

Some benefits of spaying a female dog

Spaying has many secret benefits beyond preventing pregnancy and decreasing the dogs’ population at shelter homes, such as;

  • Female dogs, after spaying, get less aggressive and friendlier towards other animals.
  • Your pet will stop spraying urine around the house to mark their territory after spaying.
  • You will get a more loving and affectionate pet.
  • The risk of cancers decreases as the ovaries and uterus is removed. In addition, spaying also lowers the risk of other diseases such as uterine infections and breast tumors, and the dog enjoys a disease-free, healthy life.
  • The dog can’t reproduce, which lowers the puppy’s load, and the already present puppies at shelter homes get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get adopted and loved.

After reading the above benefits, you will surely get your female dog spayed irrespective of the cost.

Lets find out other benefits of spaying a female dogs.

How much is it to spay a dog?

The average cost of spaying varies from $50 to $500, and it depends on multiple factors.

  • One factor is the city you live in; for example, the clinics in St. Louis spay a female dog for $45 to $100, whereas clinics in California and San Jose can cost $150 to $250 for spaying a dog.
  • The dog’s weight is also another variable that adds to the cost, which can increase to $200 to $300 as the larger and obese dogs require more anesthesia and lengthen the complex surgery.
  • Another factor to ponder upon is choosing private or public, non-profit spaying clinics as both have different prices. Private animal hospitals cost more and can bill you up to 500 dollars, whereas spaying a dog at the public, non-profit clinic can cost up to $45 to $200.
  • The veterinarian also matters as popular veterinarian costs more.
  • If your dog is pregnant, the spaying can cost $50 to $125 more.
  • Many veterinarians get blood work (liver test and kidney function test) done on dogs before and after the surgical procedure to compare the results and ensure a healthy recovery. The blood screening tests further make spaying costly.
  • Additional pain medications for before and after spaying can cost $15 to $30.
  • Although laser surgery has more benefits, such as reduced swelling and pain, it costs an additional one-quarter to one-half more.
  • The breed of the dog can also influence the cost of spaying.

However, some animal shelters include a spaying fee in adoption that lowers the overall cost as you don’t have to worry about spaying get done by you in the nearest clinic. So always ask for spayed dogs before adoption, or you can contact your local Humane Society or SPCA as they can direct you to low-cost spaying services available at the nearest location.

What’s included in spaying?

Keep in mind that spaying is an expensive surgical procedure, and the benefits should be discussed with the veterinarian to know if your female dog is the suitable candidate for the surgery.

The spaying procedure includes anesthesia to mark incisions to remove the ovaries and uterus and the pain medications so your dog doesn’t feel a thing. Pre-surgical and post-surgical blood screening tests are also included in spaying; however, when spaying is done at a cheap price, you need to ask what’s included in the spaying package as it usually doesn’t offer blood work; in such a scenario, you will have to book follow-up appointments.

Someone may be present with the dog until the anesthesia wear offs in a traditional veterinarian office. In addition, your vet can also give you a tour of the surgical room where your dog will be spayed so that you can get satisfied by the hygiene that is offered with the high cost of spaying.

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Dogs are such loyal pets that help us cope with the crisis by decreasing our stress levels. Furthermore, dogs are just so adorable that they make us fall in love with them. Plus point is that you get more people’s attention when you take your dog for a walk. So, they help you socialize more and encourage us to move. However, getting your female dog spayed to lower the pup’s population at shelter homes is necessary.

Although the cost to spay a dog is high, but it’s still cheap for you in the long term as you don’t have to spend more on the care of the pregnant dog and the care of new puppies, which means no more extra visits to the vet. In addition, by removing the uterus and ovaries, diseases and cancer can’t take place, so you don’t have to spend more on expensive medicines to treat the dog, and your dog lives a happy and healthy life.

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