How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat? [Wet vs Dry Food]

how much food should i feed my cat

The most crucial question cat owners ask is how much to feed a cat and what would be more beneficial, such as dry or wet food. The vets usually suggest wet food due to certain factors, most notably due to more moisture consumption. However, it isn’t easy to estimate the correct quantity concerning the calories intake of cats of different ages.

Considering all this, we shall discuss the most critical query for cat owners: how much food should I feed my cat, along with a comparison of dry and wet food. We shall also dig into the foundation to determine the exact amount of food in terms of the required calorie intake for your cat. So, continue reading to learn all about cat food and the right time to feed your cat.

Factors determining the portion size for my cat

Below are few factors which you should consider before deciding the correct amount of food intake for your cat.

  1. Age: Age plays a significant role in impacting a cat’s diet and nutritional needs. Kittens need less food as compared to adult cats.
  2. Weight of your cat: It’s essential to consider the right amount of food intake to help it maintain the ideal weight for a healthy life.
  3. Energy level of your cat: Like humans, energetic cats need more food than lazy ones to stay playful all day.
  4. Pregnancy: Pregnant or lactating cats require more food intake to keep their baby healthy and well developing.
  5. Kind of food: The kind of food, such as dry or wet, matters a lot in determining the feeding portion size of your cat as they both differ in calories.
  6. Nutrient content of the food: Another important factor includes the nutrient content, which enables determining the correct amount of food for better growth of your cat.

Wet food vs Dry food – what should I feed my cat?

Before knowing how much you should feed your cat, you should have a clear idea about the type of food to give to it. Wet food should include flesh-based items such as meat, poultry, or fish. At the same time, dry food should be low in plant protein and high in animal proteins.

Dry food is usually rich in carbs making it pretty useless for your cat. Being a carnivore, it isn’t capable of digesting many carbs, making dry food non-suitable. Moreover, wet food has a lot of moisture in it, fulfilling the water requirement of your cat.

Therefore, people usually prefer wet food over dry food. However, if your cat is much more towards dry food or it’s more pocket-friendly for you, you may opt for it but check the nutrient contents before buying them. You may even go with homemade cat food for better nourishment for your cat.

Can I feed both dry and wet food to my cat?

The most important thing to consider about your cat’s diet is its calorie intake. The best option for a cat’s food is the wet one, but if your cat is more towards dry food, you may opt for it too. Dry food is cheaper in cost but rich in carbs. Therefore, the best way is to give both wet and dry food but make sure the energy count is perfect.

The best way to do this is to check the recommended amount of each type of food and half them. Then, after considering this, determine the calorie count to have a complete and balanced diet.

How often to feed cats?

It’s really crucial to set up a feeding schedule for your cat.

If you’re a morning person and there isn’t much disturbance at home at that time, then you should definitely feed your cat in the morning. However, if you’re busy with household chores or getting ready for work, then morning time may be a bit hectic for you and your cat. Therefore, you may also feed your cat in the evening when there’s no disturbance, enabling your cat to enjoy its meal to the fullest.

Additionally, if you feed your cat dry food, you may keep it in its bowl the whole day and make sure it eats it. While wet food requires just half an hour finishing time as it may get stale, so opting for a proper schedule is really essential in this case. You may split the wet meal into halves as well while considering the total required calorie intake.

Moreover, always remember, changing your cat’s eating habits may be pretty disturbing for your cat as cats are pretty sensitive to the environment. So, keep the feeding schedule constant for better growth and development of your cat.

How much should a cat eat a day?

As mentioned earlier, certain factors determine the portion size of your cat. Therefore, you’ll need to change your cat’s diet throughout its life cycle. The most factors influencing the dietary needs include the age and weight of your cat. Moreover, ensuring the proper recommended food portion to maintain an ideal weight will help your cat live a healthy and happy life.

A lean, muscular cat with big bones requires much more food than a small one of the same age to meet the energy requirement. Moreover, a growing playful cat needs a better nutritious meal for proper growth and development. Similarly, a nursing or pregnant mother needs an accurate number of calories for better nourishment of her baby. However, an adult obese cat requires food concerning its ideal weight and not its current weight.

Considering all these factors, you need to discuss your cat’s condition with your vet to get a clear idea about the best feeding time and portion necessary for your cat.

After inquiring about the appropriate calorie intake of your cat, you need to calculate the number of cans your cat requires per day. For example, if your vet suggests 240 calories. Then, divide the required calories with that mentioned per can such that 255 calories/ 73 calories per can. The result is 3.5 cans per day.

You may further divide it into portions such as 3.5 cans/ 3 meals per day. Thus, your cat needs 1 can in the morning and 1 in the afternoon while 1 ½ can at night. Moreover, never forget to maintain a record of nuts and treats you give your cat throughout the day.

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It’s essential to know about the precise requirement of portion size of your cat to obtain the ideal weight and stay healthy. Certain factors determine it, including age, weight, energy level, and kind of food.

Therefore, in this article, we have explained how often to feed cats eat each day and the accurate time to feed it. Further, we have also discussed comparing types of food to help you choose the most beneficial food for your cat. Moreover, always remember to calculate the required calories for your cat before feeding it.

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