How to Stop Dogs From Peeing in the House?

how to stop dogs from peeing in the house

One of the most challenging yet essential parts of petting a dog is house training. If a dog owner has trained the dog pet correctly, the future of the dog and the owner become pretty easy and joyful. However, training your puppy to pee or poop outside the house only holds a significant value since the training would help them learn basic etiquette.

Many people complain about their dogs, which keep peeing inside the house. If your dog stands amongst them, and you cannot help the issue, you do not need to worry. Understandably, it is pretty frustrating to deal with a dog that keeps urinating here and there inside the house. This article briefs about why your dog keeps peeing inside the house and many valuable tips to help your dog get rid of the bad habit.

So, let’s get started!

Why does my dog keep peeing inside the house?

As a responsible and careful dog owner, your utmost duty is to train your dog while it is a young puppy. You have to ensure that you set a proper house training schedule for your puppy to learn correctly when it needs to eat, sleep, play, pee and poop. Puppies are quick learners. Therefore you have to invest a little time in their training, and they would learn everything you’d teach them.

However, if you have failed to train your dog as a puppy, we believe it would not cooperate as it grows up. If you have been ignorant towards your dog’s training, the most common issue your dog would face is peeing and pooping inside the house or at inappropriate places. However, there are several other reasons besides inadequate house training; mentioned below;

  • Behavioral issues
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Not spaying/neutering
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Senility issues

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How to stop a dog from peeing in the house?

Before you jump to the tips on preventing your dog from peeing inside the house, we would suggest you observe your dog and try to find out the exact reason why it has started to pee inside. Then, if you catch the reason, it would become easy for you to help your dog get rid of the bad habit.

Let’s have a light on the measures that you can take to stop your dog from peeing in the house;

1. No stress for your dog

Being a responsible dog owner, it is your foremost duty to ensure a stress-free environment for your dog. Most dogs feel lonely when the owner is not around and urinate out of stress and fear. Therefore, you have to make sure that if you cannot take your dog outside with you every time, you either do not leave it alone in the house or someone else stays.

You can also prepare puzzles, games, hidden treats, etc., for your dog when you leave the house. So, until you are absent from the home, your dog would keep itself busy enjoying what you left for it behind.

2. Hire a dog walker

If you happen to stay out of the house now and then, or if you have work where you have to travel out of town very often, please make sure that you hire a dog walker in such a case. A dog walker would help your dog with its routine schedule and ensure that it remains healthy and training while you are not around.

3. Neutralize the pee smell

If your dog has pee-d inside the house just once and you do not want it to repeat, please make sure that you clean up the mess right away. You can use deodorizing sprays as mentioned below;

  • White vinegar has a pretty unpleasant smell, and therefore, if you spray it all over the places where your dog might pee, it would not pee at the sprayed areas. Rest assured!
  • Use alcohol – you can rub the places with alcohol where your dog has recently urinated. It has two benefits; firstly, the dogs hate alcohol’s smell, and secondly, it quickly disinfects the place.
  • Lemon juice – another unacceptable odor by dogs and agreeable to humans is the lemon juice spray. Therefore, you can spray lemon juice on places where your dog has urinated or might urinate again.

4. No punishments

It would be better if you always treat your dog nicely and not aggressively. If you yell at your dog for doing anything wrong, it will become fearful and nervous. Also, as mentioned earlier, feared dogs develop the habit of peeing now and then inside the house.

5. Praise and reward

If you feel the need to retrain them about peeing outside the house only, it would be best to do it. Would you please make sure that you give your dog a wonderful treat or its favorite toy whenever it goes to pee outside? Rewards and praises make your dog repeat the admired activities.

6. Neutering/spaying

Neutering or spaying is a surgical procedure critical for your male/female dog respectively. Most dogs tend to urinate as a result of sexual drive. If you get them neutered or spayed on time, it results in declined sexual drives and ultimately solves the ‘peeing inside the house’ issue.

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7. No drinks before bed

If your dog pees inside the house only during the night, the reason could be giving drinks to your dog before bed. However, if you limit your dog’s liquid intake before you put it to bed, your dog’s bad habit of peeing inside can go away!

8. Medicines for any specific health condition

If your vet diagnoses a clinical condition in your dog, that is why your dog keeps peeing all the time inside; you have to make sure that you give your dog the prescribed medicines on time.

9. Dog’s socialization

It is better to develop the habit of socializing with your puppy as a part of training. It would help it to grow into a confident adult dog. Dogs that do not get exposed to the outside environment as puppies are low on confidence and uncomfortable.

10. Keep your dog calm

As mentioned earlier, dogs lose control over pee when driven by extremes of emotion. Therefore, you have to make sure that you keep your dog calm and do not respond to it when it shows overexcited behavior.

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In conclusion

Beyond any doubt, if you have spent adequate time on training your dog and you find out that it has started peeing inside the house, everything becomes quite irritating. However, you do not need to worry about how to break this bad habit of your dog. In this article, we have tried our best to give you the best ten tips about stopping a dog from peeing inside the house. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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