What Is Cat Boarding? [How Much Does It Cost]

what is cat boarding

Leaving your cat at home all alone is not safe at all, either for it or your home. Asking your close friends or neighbors to watch it is useless unless your cat is pretty close to them. This is because your cat may go really wild in your absence. Moreover, taking it outside in gatherings may make it feel rage, challenging to handle.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore. We’ve some fantastic cat boarding ideas for you at very reasonable prices. So, continue reading to learn all about cat boarding facilities that are safe and easy to opt for than hiring a cat sitter.

What is cat boarding?

Cat boarding is a service to keep your cat indoor with care whenever you’re not at home, let it be for a short or long period. They’re pretty reliable with extensive caring facilities for your pet. Moreover, these boarding services offer cats of all ages their desired food and other equipment. They’re not expensive as you may think, considering your cat’s comfort and ease.

How much is cat boarding?

Let’s dig into different cat boarding services you may opt for whenever you go for a vacation. All these boarding opportunities provide a wide range of services at a very affordable price.

1. Cat kennel boarding

The Kennel is one of the most reliable options to leave your cat without burdening your pocket. It provides a massive range of facilities to keep your cat safe and secure. They provide a place to sleep along with desirable cat food and a regular hygienic littering facility for your cat.

In addition, they have all these facilities for both cats and dogs. Therefore, if your cat doesn’t feel comfortable around dogs, this may not be an accurate option. Also, the constant barking of dogs may frighten your cat up, making it act in rage and anger the whole time. Therefore, always go with the possibility that’s more suitable for your cat.

2. Pet hotel cost

Another really easy-to-go boarding opportunity include cat hotel services. They’re pretty affordable with the most desirable facilities that you may ever think of! It provides an elegant room with a luxurious bed and a vast play area.

The room is pretty ventilated with proper windows too. The aquarium adds further charm to the room. Also, this cat hotel service is the most hygienic service that you may ever look for for your cat.

Further, you may also look for a socializing facility for your cat. For example, an attendant may be present to cheer it up and provide food and a litter box whenever required. Sharing a room with other cats is also permissible, and this would decrease the expenses as well. However, if your cat behaves a bit harshly in front of other cats, this will not work well.

The cost for cat hotel service is pretty high as compared to that of Kennel in either way.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for this fantastic facility and go on your trip without worrying about your cat at all.

3. Cattery service

The cattery is another easy-to-pocket service available for your cat. It’s almost the same as the Kennel but provides boarding just for cats only and not dogs. All the hygienic food and other environmental facilities are the same making your cat entirely comfortable without any hurdle. The expenses are pretty the same as well. This is the most suitable choice if you’re looking for easy go option to comfort your cat.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a comfy yet straightforward boarding service at a low price, then nothing can beat this option for your cat.

4. Feline boarding

Some animal hospitals provide a service to look after your cat when you’re out on vacation. This boarding service is most suitable for cats who are ill or need special attention.

The staff there gives special treatment to all the cats individually and looks after all their needs. In addition, they all are well trained to handle any inconvenience faced by your cat, especially concerning your cat’s health. However, the cost for this extraordinary service is high as compared to other options.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your trip without worrying about your cat’s safety or health, then go for this option without thinking twice.

5. At-home cat sitter

Leaving your cat alone at home is very risky as it may get irritated, anxious, and confused at home. This may cause it to harm itself or even get sick.

Therefore, if your cat feels a bit uneasy going away from home, you need to go on a trip. Then this at-home cat sitter option may go really well for you and your cat.

All you need to do is arrange a sitter for your cat, who may look after it 24/7 while staying at your home. However, you may also arrange for someone to keep a check on your cat once or twice per day, giving food and litter on time. You may choose either of the options depending upon your convenience. But keep in mind, the rate of this whole time at-home cat sitter is pretty high.

6. Pet resort boarding

Just like cat hotels, this is another luxurious option for cat boarding for you. The cost is somewhat high but totally worth it. Feline resorts have well-trained staff who make sure to provide five-star facilities. It has glass space and windows.

Also, it has full ventilation along with plants and playful toys in it. You may also opt for ramps, climbing towers, scratching pads, and cozy bedding for your cat to comfort them in the best way possible.

Considering all these deluxe yet super comfy services, expenses for such a resort are pretty high. So, if you afford it, do give it a try and we bet you’ll not regret your decision.

Other services you may opt for your cat

Along with a good living place, food, litter box, and medical equipment, you may opt for some extra services for your cat to cheer it up a bit. However, the overall cost will increase, but it’s a great option if you can afford it.

These services include grooming, haircutting or trimming, nail cutting, bath, flea treatment, feline taxi, and lots more. These services will help your cat become classier and more relaxed at the same time. In addition, it will enable your cat to adjust well to the surrounding without feeling left out.

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According to studies and experiences, leaving your cat alone at home for more than 24 hours may be pretty dangerous for both your cat and home. Your cat may get frightened or aggressive and may panic. Therefore, arranging an excellent, safe, and comfy cat boarding service is essential.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the best options for cat boarding and their services, along with some comparisons to help you choose the most suitable and affordable one for your cat.

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