(10 Common Reasons) – Why Is My Dog Acting Weird

why is my dog acting weird all of a sudden

Dogs are one of the most beautiful animals to pet. With time, the affection you grow towards your pet dog is an irreplaceable feeling and something you would never want to lose no matter what. Being a responsible owner of your dog, we believe you must have invested emotionally and financially in petting your dog. But, sometimes, your dog might behave differently regardless of how you have trained it.

There might come a time in your dog’s life when you begin to observe the change in its behavior. Such changes might be problematic for you because sudden changes are unacceptable. However, whenever your dog acts weird is not alarming, and you may ignore it if you believe your dog is healthy both physically and mentally.

This article discusses the probable reasons why your dog is acting weird all of a sudden. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

Reasons for why your dog is acting strange

There are several reasons for your dog’s sudden strange and weird behavior. Understandably, the love and affection you feel towards your dog would make you go for miles to ensure that your dog remains perfectly healthy. Let’s have a light on the probable causes of your dog’s weird behavior.

1. Your dog might be bored

Dogs love and admire a routine that includes physical exercises, outside walks and daycare for socialization. If you have trained your dog with such a routine involving all the mentioned activities, your dog might become bored when you stop providing it in the usual way. Besides, no physical activity makes them bored and result in strange behavior.

Your dog’s weird behavior secondary to boredom is not a big deal, and you do not have to worry about it since it does not harm your dog’s health. However, it would be best to try making a routine for your dog that regularly involves multiple physical exercises and outside walks.

2. Dietary problems

Your dog might start acting weird if you attempt to change its diet that too suddenly. On the other hand, if you try to bring gradual changes in your dog’s dietary lifestyle, it might not affect it. Sometimes, your dog might dislike whatever food you are offering to it because it might irritate its digestive tract.

It is a natural reaction that if your dog does not like its changed food, it will dislike it by being cranky and presenting weird behavior. Therefore, we would suggest you, please talk about your dog’s diet to the vet.

3. Sickened dog

Understandably, you cannot stay attentive all the time and keep an eye on your dog, like wherever it is going and whatever it is eating. Therefore, sometimes when you are not around, your dog might eat anything outside that it should not. In addition, eating any unusual and unhealthy thing may disturb your dog’s digestive tract and cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

If your dog has developed vomiting and diarrhoea following lousy eating habits, it will become extremely lethargic, irritated, and dehydrated. In addition, such sickness would make your dog behave strangely and weird.

4. Appetite loss

Sometimes, if your dog gets sick due to any reason, then your dog may become cranky when it comes to food. It is indeed strange and weird behavior of your dog when it avoids food all the time. However, if you find your dog not consuming the meal, it would be best to take your dog to the vet at once to run a few tests to ensure that your dog is not suffering from any severe intestinal issue.

5. Psychological stress or depression

Like humans, dogs also suffer from psychological stress and depression due to the emotional availability of the owner or maybe due to shifting places. Sometimes, when a family member dies, your dog may become extremely depressed, and you would not notice it, making it even more stressed out.

Dogs become stressed out when you leave them home alone for longer durations. Behind you alone at home, your dog might feel lonely, resulting in your dog’s strange behavior when you get back to it. Moreover, if there is an addition in your family, your dog might feel left out and present with weird behavior.

Another important psychological problem with dogs is separation anxiety. It refers to a condition in which your dog develops seriously anxious behavior in your absence.

6. Agitation/uneasiness

Sometimes, your dog may behave weirdly owing to fear of something in its subconscious mind. For example, we would suggest you never become aggressive with your dog because it leaves fear in your mind that it has done something annoying and unacceptable. Moreover, your dog might feel scared due to outside fireworks and construction works.

7. Supporting weird behavior of your dog

We understand that you love your dog so much that you give it whatever it asks from you. However, please understand that supporting your dog’s unruly and strange behavior will not help you in any way. If you try to suppress your dog’s behavior by giving it treats and rewards, it would become more stubborn and repeat its behavior to get goodies.

It would be best if you consider changing your attitude towards your dog’s sudden weird behavior. For example, try to communicate with your dog differently to understand that acting weird would not get more rewards or treats.

8. Mistreatment

You would never yell at your dog no matter what it does because you consider it as a part of your family. However, you never know if someone else mistreats your dog when you take it outside for socializing or a routinely walk. So please, always keep an eye on your dog and its surroundings when you both are out.

If your dog behaves weirdly in front of a specific person, you may need to dig a little more and find out if that person ever misbehaved with your dog.

9. Altered daily routine

Your dog may not appreciate sudden changes in a routine. If you try to modify your dog’s training, including walk time, playtime, mealtime, etc., your dog would indeed dislike it and express its feelings through strange behavior. Therefore, it would be best to gradually alter your dog’s routine over time so that it has the time to become adaptable.

10. Ongoing injury

Primarily, owners know when their dogs become injured in front of them. However, sometimes, your dog may get any minor injury that goes overlooked by you. Such accidental and unnoticed injuries may change your dog’s behavior which starts to act weirdly. For example, injured dogs usually whimper, cry and hide more than usual.

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In conclusion

If you have a strong emotional relationship with your dog, you would undoubtedly feel any change in your dog’s behavior and routine. However, one of your utmost duties is that you have to be vigilant towards your dog to ensure a healthier and longer survival. Dogs might show changes in behavior due to different reasons, some of which require immediate vet consultation.

In this article, we have tried our best to enlist probable reasons why your dog is acting weird or strange. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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