Why Is My Dog Pooping in the House?

why is my dog pooping in the house

Being a responsible pet owner, you must have invested a lot of your precious time training your dog while it was a cute young puppy. However, puppies are quick learners, you have to relate a few words, treats and praises to specific activities, and they learn everything by heart. It is a rarity that your dog forgets the house training it got while it was young; however, it calls upon unwanted difficulties if it fails.

Training your puppy for peeing and pooping outside the house is an essential part of basic house training. Within a few months, your little puppy understands that you strictly do not allow it to pee or poop inside the house. However, when they grow up, some dogs might develop physical or psychological issues that result in pooping inside the house.

This article briefs the probable reasons why your dog is pooping inside the house very often and light on how you can break your dog’s bad habit. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know how to catch the exact reason for your dog that has started pooping inside now and then. So, let’s get started!

Why does my dog poop in the house?

Your well-trained dog might start pooping inside the house, leaving behind gross smells and messed up carpets or rugs, for many hidden reasons. A few reasons may relate to your dog’s physical health. However, the others may occur due to poor psychological health. Let’s see the reasons why your dog is pooping inside the house more than usual;

1. Different diet everyday

Before jumping to the conclusion that your dog might have some physical or psychological issue, you must focus on what you have been giving to your dog in meals. A change in the diet affects your dog’s digestive system in a way you cannot imagine.

If you have been a specific type of food to your dog for a long time and you suddenly decide to change it, then your dog might develop a pooping problem now and then concerning the dietary change.

However, it would be best to bring a change in your dog’s diet gradually over a few weeks so that your dog’s digestive tract may have adequate time to adapt to the change.

2. Abandoned dog

If you have rescued an abandoned dog, it would be better not to expect the basic ethics from the poor dog. Such dogs usually come from tiny animal shelter homes or roam around the streets due to dog’s overpopulation. Also, if you have recently owned a rescue dog, it won’t have the training for peeing or pooping outside the house.

However, you may start training your newly rescued dog like you may have trained your other dog. All dogs have a great tendency to learn new lessons quickly, and most importantly, no dog likes to poop where it sleeps, so making them know regarding pooping outside, your abandoned dog would love it. Although, you have to ensure your maximum attention, concentration and efforts.

3. Unusual changes in life

If your dog has started pooping in the house, although it had excellent house training while it was young, then it would be better for you to trace what changes have arrived in your dog’s surroundings recently. You might have no idea, but even slight changes in your life as well affect your dog profoundly.

Some dogs tend to feel a lot when unusual changes occur in the house like if a family member dies or moves out to another place or a family member with whom your dog had immense emotional attachment has moved out. Besides, if you have recently shifted to a new house, your dog may become sad and feared, developing unusual habits like pooping inside.

Moreover, if your dog sees a new member coming to your family and does not get the attention it always used to get, it might become stressed out, and the fear of getting abandoned results in pooping inside the house without warning signs.

4. Medical health problems

Several medical conditions can cause your dog to poop inside the house frequently. It would be better to visit a vet if your dog has suddenly developed the habit of pooping inside. Let’s see what these medical conditions are;

  • Food poisoning,
  • Food allergies.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Canine cognitive dysfunction.
  • Infections by parasites, worms and viruses.
  • Muscular degenerative issues.
  • Intestinal cancers.

We will discuss the most important and common medical conditions responsible for why your dog is pooping unusually. So, let’s get started;

Inflammatory bowel disease

IBD can occur in both humans and dogs. The feature common in both is the causes remains unknown. If your dog’s poop seems unusual to you, like too watery, then you should consider that your dog is suffering from IBD.

As the name of the disease suggests, some triggering factors initiate the inflammatory reactions within the intestines of your dog. Consequently, the gut becomes irritant and may not absorb the critical nutrients coming along with food. Therefore, when your dog has IBD, its health deteriorates, so you know that it is not just the pooping issue but also something is wrong internally.

Muscular degenerative issues

Your dog can lose its muscular power with age or while suffering from a nervous system disease. However, the former is common. Mostly, when your dog ages, the muscles get weakened, and your dog loses control over multiple activities, including peeing and pooping. In such a condition, you would find your dog pooping inside the house because it loses the ability to control the desire to defecate.

Canine cognitive dysfunction

Another common issue when your dog ages is cognitive impairment. Your dog might lose its ability to reason or judge between right and wrong. Besides, it may forget the poop training it got years ago.


Young dogs are more prone to catch intestinal infections by parasites or viruses owing to developing immune systems. If you see your young and active dog suddenly pooping watery stools, it would be best to visit a vet immediately.

5. Psychological issues

Anxiety is one of the significant issues that can cause problems for your dog. For example, if you have observed that your dog usually poops when alone at home, it might have separation anxiety; i.e. it tends to poop due to fear and anxiousness it feels when left home alone.

Moreover, we suggest that you should never yell at your dog even when it has done awful things around since shouting at your dog would plant a seed of fear in your dog’s mind. When dogs sense that specific activities might trigger the anger of their owner, as a result of fear, they might poop unintentionally, no matter wherever they are.

How to stop my dog from pooping inside?

Stopping your dog from pooping inside is slightly challenging, especially if your dog has forgotten the training due to aging. However, if your dog has some other medical conditions, medications will surely help your dog get rid of the bad habit very soon!

To learn in detail about preventing your dog from pooping in the house, read our article on how to stop a dog from pooping in the house.

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In conclusion

Understandably, your adult, well-trained dog pooping inside the house is unbearable and frustrating. After all, you have got other jobs and house chores to look after, and you cannot be there cleaning your dog’s mess all the time. Well, fear not! In this article we have enlisted the probable reasons why your dog is pooping in the house. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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