(9 Possible Reasons) – Why Does My Dog Stand on Me??

why does my dog stand on me

Understandably, after spending considerable time with your pet dog, it becomes an essential part of your family. Like every other dog owner out there, we believe you would allow your dog to express love and affection towards you differently. Besides, you would never abandon your little friend for showing too much love for you.

However, sometimes, a dog’s behavior confuses the owner. For example, if your dog comes running to you while you rest on your bed and stands on you very often, it might baffle you why exactly your dog does it. Although as a vigilant owner, you may catch the hints hidden in your dog’s specific behavior, if your dog stands on you now and then, there can’t be a single reason only!

This article discusses the possible causes of why your dog stands on you. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Why does my dog stand on me?

Like humans, dogs do not have the privilege to express any of their feelings through words. However, you must have noticed that your dog communicates with you through behaviors and actions, which is indeed powerful! Besides, over time you develop a great understanding with your little fellow, and you always know what your dog wants to convey through a particular action.

It is not uncommon when dog owners report that their dogs stand on them very often. If you have also noticed that your dog has started standing on you for a few months or so, there are several reasons why your dog stands on you. First, most of the dogs show their affection by standing on their owners. On the contrary, some dogs want something from the owner, so they come and stand on them.

Besides, other dogs opt for standing on their owners when they want to show their dominant side. Therefore, you must trace out the root cause of why your dog stands on you since initially it may seem lovely, but later, you may get bothered.

1. An expression of dominance

Although it is a rarity that your dog wants to express a dominant behavior, if it wants to, there is something wrong! You have to be extra observant if your dog stands on you because it wants to express that it has got power. If your dog acts aggressive and wants you to move while it stands on you, that is when you know your dog is expressing dominance.

The root cause of showing a dominant nature is usually bullying. Your dog might have encountered someone’s bullying behavior and now wants to show that no one has power over them. However, many studies do not support the idea of a dog being dominant.

2. A help to wake you up

It is not only you who observe your dog. It is also the other way round. Dogs are great observers. It is possible that you had a tough night and want to sleep more than usual. However, your dog would not allow it. If it finds you sleeping when you should be awake, the chances are that your dog would come to you and stand on you to wake you up. It seems cute.

Understandably, it is a beautiful feeling when your dog returns you the same amount of love and affection. However, it may become bothersome if your dog keeps repeating the act!

3. Your dog wants emotional security

Anxiousness and nervousness are common among dogs like humans. You may observe your dog trembling and shaking when it is nervous. Besides, it may get distressed over anything that you may not know. Whatever the reason for being nervous is, your dog would want to come to you because you may be a safe place!

When humans are upset, they want to go to their close family and friends to feel emotionally secure. Similarly, your dog may want to feel the same affection and emotional validation when it’s upset. Consequently, you will see your dog standing on you while it shakes due to anxiety.

4. A sign of love and trust in you

When you adopt a puppy, both of you have no idea what the bond would feel like later. However, as time passes, your dog observes your loving and caring behavior towards it. Therefore it would try to do the same for you. Indeed, dogs are one of the most loyal and sincere pets!

Mostly, if your dog stands on you, it shows how much it trusts and loves you. When your dog stands on you to show love towards you, you will see its tail wagging and soft expressions on its face, especially its eyes. Also, if you have returned home after a long time, your dog may show its love and care for you by standing on you.

5. To provide you protection

As mentioned earlier, dogs are great observers! Your dog senses any trouble coming towards way before you perceive it. Consequently, if your dog stands on you with its eyes twitching rapidly and does not let you move, it is a sign that your dog wants to protect you.

You may think that your dog wants to be dominant, but it would be best to observe closely; you would know the difference between your dog’s protective and dominant behavior.

6. To have playtime, treats, and rewards

Understandably, you cannot stay with your dog all the time, and you may forget when it’s time to play with your dog. However, your dog would not let you forget it. One of the reasons your dog stands on you is that it wants you to play with it or ask you for its treats and rewards.

Over time, dogs develop a routine, and if you ever try to stray from their routine schedule, they would remind you through different behavioral actions.

7. To seek your attention

Indeed, it is not in your hands how you react towards your dog while it stands on you. Understandably, you would find it cute and may react happily with good facial expressions. However, your dog may catch the wrong hint! It may assume that you want it to repeat its behavior since you reacted nicely.

Frequently standing on you would become a part of your dog’s learned behavior. Your dog would assume that to get your attention and happiness, and it should stand on you often.

8. To pull you out of the blues

Your dog would never want you to stay gloomy or go through your sad days alone. It would try its best to make you feel happy and secure emotionally. If your dog observes any adverse change in your behavior, like being emotionally low, your dog would want to investigate the cause. As a result, you may see your dog standing and jumping on you.

9. Your dog is hungry or thirsty

Though it is uncommon to forget to put food and water for your dog, it might happen when you are busy with your hectic schedule. Although, in such a case, your dog may come and stand on your while you rest, if you see your dog’s eyes seem sad, it is highly indicative that your dog wants food because it is hungry.

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In conclusion

Beyond any doubt, if your dog stands on you, it may seem cute initially, but you may get bothered over time. First, however, it would be best to rule out why your dog wants to stand on you and what it wants to communicate. Therefore, in this article, we have tried our best to enlist the common reasons why your dog wants to stand on you. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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