How to Stop a Dog From Pooping in My Yard?

stop dogs from pooping in my yard

Undoubtedly, dogs are beautiful animals to pet. No matter whose dog it is, you are always going to love its joyful and playful nature. However, sometimes, dogs from your neighborhood might become a nuisance for you to deal with. You must remember to stay calm and not fret over such a petty issue since dogs are innocent creatures; please make sure you deal with them with love and care.

We understand that finding your neighbor’s dog or any other stray dog pooping often in your yard is quite frustrating. Well, you do not have to worry about it. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know what measures you can take to stop any dog from pooping in your yard and ruining it.

Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Tips to stop dogs from pooping in my yard

Undoubtedly, we all have soft corners for pets like dogs, no matter to whom the dog belongs. The happiness and joy dogs bring are inexpressible. However, there are always certain limitations to every feeling. For example, if you find any dog pooping in your yard, you can ignore it once or twice but not every other time. It would indeed bother you a lot.

Please feel free to use a single tip or a combination of multiple tips mentioned below to stop a dog from pooping in your yard;

1. Try to communicate with dog’s owner

Firstly, please make sure that you do not lose your temper. Understandably, cleaning any other dog’s mess in your yard is frustrating and annoying, but you have to stay humble and patient towards the dog and the owner as well. Please do not expect the owner to know their dog’s wrongdoings in your yard. Therefore, you may need to capture a shred of evidence before you visit the owner.

Moreover, when you start communicating your issue with the dog’s owner, please stay calm and use nice words to know that you understand their sentiments towards their dog. Good comments and a kind attitude always attract people; therefore, your problem may get solved right away in such a way!

Besides, if you want to be extra sweet towards the dog’s owner so that they would believe you and understand that their dog’s pooping activity in your yard is not acceptable, you can bring gifts or goodies for them and their dog.

2. Buy pet waste bags for the dog

Sharing the problem about the dog’s pooping in your yard with the responsible person (owner) should resolve the issue for you. Complaining nicely about a dog to its rightful and careful owner must result in your favor. However, a few owners might not pay heed to your issue. Therefore, you can buy pet waste bags as gifts for such dogs.

Pet waste bags works wonder for a dog that keeps pooping around, and its owner does not stop them from destroying your yard. However, some people might accept pet waste bags as a gift for their dogs, while the rest might dislike your gesture. Besides, pet waste bags are not much practical when it comes to stray dogs.

3. Use ultrasonic repelling devices in your yard

You must have heard about the devices that get activated by the movement since they contain ultrasonic sensors. The installation of such devices in your yard and lawn may help you a lot with stopping random dogs who think that your yard is a pooping area and nobody is watching them.

Most of the dogs do not appreciate loud noises and blinking flashlights targeting them. A motion detecting device in your yard is one of the effective methods to stop dogs from giving your yard an unwanted visit. As soon as any dog steps in the zone of your yard that contains a motion-activated device, all it can hear will be annoying noises and flashing lights towards it.

Moreover, these devices work through solar panels, so you do not have to bear the annoying cords all-around in your yard. Finally, the devices are weatherproof, and their infrared sensors can sense any dog’s movement from 30 feet away.

These ultrasonic animal repelling devices are accommodating, and you can fix them anywhere in your yard as per requirement.

4. Use different kinds of barriers

One of the most effective, immediate, and inexpensive methods to prevent a dog from pooping in your yard is installing barriers. For example, you can place a fence around your yard in the form of a physical barrier which would help to stop random dogs from entering your dog.

Other barriers are dog proof aesthetics and plants/shrubs that prevent a dog from visiting your yard. You can also use anything on the ground, like sharp gravel, which the dogs usually do not like walking on. Once dogs have a terrible yet not painful experience in your yard, they would not revisit your yard.

5. Try using sprinklers

If you are not comfortable installing fences and other kinds of barriers in your yard, you may want to try another way to prevent dogs from visiting your yard for pooping activity. Sprinklers can save your yard from some random dog’s poop! These are spraying devices that get activate on motion just like ultrasonic devices mentioned earlier.

Since sprinklers are water spraying devices that get active when an unwanted cat or dog visit your lawn or yard for undesirable activity, they may help you prevent animals from leaving undesired gifts in your yard. However, it would help if you kept in mind that these devices cannot distinguish between humans and animals.

If anyone unknowingly enters the area installed with sprinklers, they would get a weird and sudden surprise that they might dislike. However, when it comes to dogs and cats, sprinklers are very annoying for them, and they would never want to revisit your yard, hence making you successful in your mission.

6. Try applying offensive repellants

Dogs do not appreciate offensive and strong odors; therefore, using smelly repellants may resolve your issue at once and stop dogs from visiting your yard for their pooping activity. You can use ready-made repellants available at different pet stores or can easily prepare one at your home.

You can have the commercial repellants in two forms; one is liquid, and the other is granular. Please remember that not every commercial repellant would work perfectly for every dog. However, when it comes to homemade repellants, you can use citrus essential oils and hot peppers to offend dogs at maximum.

7. Place water bottles in your yard

Filling a few water bottles and placing them on different spots in your yard may repel dogs from visiting your yard for unwanted business. There are several theories regarding what water does to dogs. However, these all suggest that dogs dislike pooping around water and food sources.

Please make sure that dogs and cats can notice these water bottles placed in your yard. You do not have to hide these water bottles as you did with other repellant devices.

8. Try training the dog

Understandably, some random dog is not your responsibility but if you want to stop dogs from pooping in your yard, try teaching them to save your yard.

Dogs learn anything very quickly. Using the methods mentioned above, you can train stray dogs or other dogs from messing around in your yard. For example, we believe they would love to learn that your yard is not a place to poop.

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In conclusion

No doubt, seeing a dog pooping in your yard very often is quite frustrating. However, it is not a problem you cannot get rid of. In this article, we have tried our best to give you a few tried and tested tips to stop dogs from pooping in your yard. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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