How to Stop a Dog From Pooping in the House?

how to stop a dog from pooping in the house

Undeniably, dogs are one of the beautiful and beloved animals to pet. When they are young, it is pretty easy to train them. However, house training your puppy correctly demands a good time investment. However, once you have given your appropriate time, attention, affection and concentration to your puppy, you will see it growing into a well-mannered and healthy dog.

Petting a puppy does not involve only feeding and bathing it on time. You have to ensure that you take your puppy for vaccinations on time, and once it starts to grow up, you cannot be ignorant towards neutering or spaying. Moreover, one of the integral parts of petting a dog is house training, in which training your dog for peeing and pooping outside the house only holds a significant value.

This article thoroughly discusses the measures/tips you can take to stop your dog from pooping inside the house.

Why is my dog pooping in the house? – causes

Your dog might lose control over its desire to defecate and poop then and there, no matter wherever it is. In such a case, we would suggest not to panic because if your dog poops inside the house once in a blue moon, it might not be as dangerous as you think. However, if you observe that pooping inside the house has become your dog’s regular habit, then you must become very careful!

There are several reasons for your dog, which has begun to poop inside the house very often. Understandably, it would help if you felt frustrated and gross while cleaning up your dog’s mess all the time. Therefore, let us look at the probable causes for the relevant issue and then some tips to break your dog’s bad habit.

1. Different diet everyday

It would help if you stayed careful with what you give to your dog in meals. Sometimes, a sudden alteration in your dog’s diet might disturb its digestive tract, resulting in frequent defecation. For example, if you observe that certain ingredients irritate your dog’s gut and causing it to poop now and then, it would be best to stop giving the specific meal.

2. Abandoned dog

Although petting a rescued dog is praiseworthy, but you must keep in mind that petting such dogs is not an easy task! Besides, you cannot expect well-mannered behavior from a rescued dog because usually, they come from shelter homes where they live in small places and are habitual of pooping in the same area.

However, dogs do not appreciate pooping in the place where they sleep. Therefore, if you teach them about pooping outside the house in a particular area, they would happily learn it!

3. Sudden life changes

if you move houses very often, or if a family member has recently left home, then it might affect your dog emotionally more than you can ever imagine. Dogs get emotionally attached to their owners and other family members, and if they observe any member leaving or dying, they develop depression and stress.

Such changes in your dog’s life may be the reason for pooping inside the house very often.

4. Medical health problems

Several medical health issues can cause your dog to poop inside the house now and then. We will enlist some of these issues below;

  • Viral, parasitic and worm infections of the gut.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Muscular degenerative issues.
  • Canine cognitive dysfunction.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Food allergies.
  • Intestinal cancers.

5. Psychological issues

Anxiety and fear can destroy your dog’s routine pretty severely. Therefore you must take care of a few things. For example, if you have observed that your dog poops inside the house only when you leave it alone and go outside, you can refer to it as ‘separation anxiety,’ which results in pooping inside the house due to stress.

Sometimes, your aggression towards your dog might make it feared and scared of you, which causes your dog to poop inside then and there.

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How to stop a dog from pooping in the house?

Once you have looked at the reasons why your dog is pooping in the house, let’s move on to the tips that can help you to break your dog’s bad habit;

1. Retrain your dog about pooping

Sometimes, the dog has to pay the price of your lack of attention when it grows up. For example, you might not train it properly about peeing and pooping etiquettes while young. Therefore it grows up in an adult dog who poops anywhere, whenever it wants to.

It would be best if you try retraining your dog from pooping. For example, making a schedule that includes taking your dog outside for walks at regular intervals may help. Besides, please bring your dog out to a specific pooping area every morning, after every meal, naps, playtime, and night before going to bed.

2. Do not punish your dog

Punishing your dog might upset it. Consequently, your dog starts pooping inside the house very often due to your dangerous behaviour. Therefore, please avoid punishing your dog over anything. If you catch your dog while doing an activity that you do not appreciate, please stay kind and do not react then and there. Instead, try teaching your dog mannerism through treats and praises.

3. Do not leave your dog alone at home

As mentioned earlier, many dogs cannot bear living alone inside the house. If you have switched to a job that demands variable working hours, and you live outside the house for more extended periods, then it might affect your dog psychologically.

Your dog’s anxiety when living away or remaining outside the home can become a severe issue. Therefore, it would be best to treat your dog’s separation anxiety in the best possible way, ultimately resolving its pooping inside the housing issue.

If you have to live out of town and cannot take your dog with you, please hire someone responsible to look after your dog. Besides, whenever you have to go outside, and you cannot take your dog, you can try leaving TV or radio on inside the house, so your dog does not feel alone while you are away.

4. Use smell neutralizing agents

You can use sprays or cleaners that contain disagreeable odours for dogs. It would be better to clean the areas where your dog has pooped with deodorizing agents so that it would not repeat pooping in those areas.

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In conclusion

If your dog has recently started pooping inside the house, that is understandably a gross activity that you want your dog to get rid of. However, once you understand the root cause of why your dog is often pooping inside the house, it becomes relatively easier to cut off your dog’s bad habit. In this article, we have tried our best to give you tips about stopping your dog from pooping inside.

Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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